Synchronicity Bounce

Daniel Saliken addresses deep interpersonal, marital, and identity crisis with compelling, entertaining and inspiring true-life stories of synchronicity, a cosmic hand to help navigate life’s greatest challenges. 

The very real obstacles of anxiety, depression and pain are too often overlooked in spiritual literature.  If you are seeking your best possible future from whatever circumstance, or are transiting a time of trauma and stress, this is the guidebook for you.
Daniel departs from conventional definitions of the Law of Attraction to offer bold and distinctive definitions of a Universal force and your ability to harness it using practical techniques. His explains the importance of the Attraction Funnel and why many have difficulty accessing the aid they seek.
This book will empower you to overcome your emotional obstacles to co-create the life you deserve.  If you, or someone you know is in crisis, whether your crisis is self-evident or silent, this passage is one of those Synchronistic moments.

Inside, Daniel offers tools to define and manage your crisis using Universal principles melded with behavioural awareness to help you live the life you are meant to have. Embracing your greatest happiness awaits within.