Author's Bio

Daniel Saliken has been on a life-long journey of observing spiritual intervention in the lives of those around him for love, happiness, prosperity, and crisis busting.

Daniel’s day-job as an economist specializing in land development made him a millionaire at a young age and through his world of meeting successful people, he noticed the uncanny mechanism of the Universe to lift people from historic tragedy to abundance. 

However, it wasn’t until his own life-altering crisis that he beheld the full benevolent power of this Force to partner with him for the redirection he needed. To find intuitive guidance by connecting to his values of true-self.

It was then he recognized his bounce back to fulfillment was similar to those he knew who had travelled this same path of miraculous recovery to happiness. An ascension to their best lives that was not possible without Omnipotent guidance to their full potential. 

Events he witnessed first-hand shaped his understanding of this Force and the actions required to channel it. Be it for love, personal achievement, or serenity, Daniel spent years documenting the behaviours of those who accessed this assistance.

As part of his journey, he became an accredited grief counsellor to understand the psychological path through crisis. To identify the emotions blocking your spiritual connection when you need it most.

Daniel’s diverse experience includes film actor, author, athlete, and certified crisis interventionist. His desire to help others has made spiritual exploration his passion. 

His gift of storytelling for the human condition and the miracles he has witnessed makes his message of inspiration accessible to all.

Daniel Saliken - Author of The Synchronicity Bounce